Replacement of the load cover plate in a Mixer machine

 We proudly announce we concluded a project with the full satisfaction of our client.

We identified zones with wear in the load cover of a Mixer, originated by the combination of two or more factors, mainly abrasive aggregate, bad or inexistent protection of the insides of the mixer (neoprene plates or another element of protection), etc.…

Problem: We found that in the weakest sections of the plate, 1/16 in thick, during the production turn, 1-inch diameter holes are formed in the plate, which drain water and cement in considerable quantities (250 liters per load).

Palliative: We have placed 3/8 in thick carbon steel patches, however, the thickness of some sections in the plate made impossible to continue with this solution, since welding the steel plates melts the load cover plate, demanding larger patches.

Solution: Replacing the load cover plate of the Mixer, with four 3/8 in thick plates and applying a protective coat of neoprene to increase the lifespan of the part.