Assembly and Dissasembly of Central Mixing Plants

Since the foundation of MDP in 2014, one of our technical goals was the assembly of Central Mixing Plants for infrastructure teams at a national level.

This challenge was ambitious, but like every project we tackle we have a team that allows us to execute every activity in the specified time by adopting security as part of our process.
By 2016, in association with Nucleo Industrial Maldonado, we executed our first installation of a Central Mixing Plant for the project "Macro Libramiento Pase, Gto. a Palmillas, Qro. ".

Besides the labors of connection and startup, within two months we made improvements in infrastructure and electrical systems.

By 2017, using out own resources we disassembled two Central Mixing plants, and in April of the same year we also dismounted an additional plant.
Our expertise has allowed us to develop schedules in the tasks of MDP, and its critical elements that ensure the transportation of the plant is done in a secure fashion.

In this subject, MDP currently has the expertise, tools and equipment to assemble and disassemble Central Mixing plants in the three main technical areas of: Electricity, Mechanics and Pneumatics.